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Senior & Medical Recovery Service

Kelley's Hands on Demand offers our clients a number of service choices to cater to your preferred level of assistance. We specialize in lending a hand with daily chores and/or errands to seniors. Whether you need us once a month or once a week we are here to cater our clients with the professional help they deserve.

These services are also available in Assisted Living Facility (please contact us for more details).

  • Sincere Companionship.

  • Pick Up/Drop off prescription.

  • Daily/Weekly check up and/or visit.

  • Arrange and/or oversea seniors homes, repairs ground maintenance, deliveries, etc.

  • Help arrange and sort mail. 

  • Assistance paying bills, balance check book, online payment, light bookkeeping, etc.

  • Appointment scheduling for non emergency doctor appointment, home repairs, car repair, special transportation, etc 

  • Assist with seniors outing activities, traveling and/or

      vacation arrangement.

  • Holiday assistance. (Shopping, Decoration, etc)

  • Appointment assurances -we can sit next to you during a doctor appointment to help take notes and serve like a 2nd pair of ears. 

*We offer ALL our other services to our seniors as well. (Pet service, Driving Service, Errands services, Household service and while away service.